Where have you been?! and other FAQ

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Oh Lord.

It’s been so long since I’ve written here.

By now, I’m guessing you know the two reasons for my silence over the past number of months: not one, but two babies!

You mean you’re having twins?
Well not exactly.

I am indeed pregnant, about 36 weeks along at this point. I’m due around October 10th, which is just around the corner! ACK!

The second baby is more of a metaphor… my very first cookbook! Ironically I began to work on both of these babies around the same time: January of this year. God has some timing, huh? Before I found out I was pregnant, I was so worried that something was wrong with me; my palate was completely off, and I couldn’t stomach the smell of my spice box! And, being more emotional than normal, I took all my “flops” in the kitchen so personally that I found myself in a puddle of tears on the floor of my kitchen. I thought I was going crazy.

My friends gently suggested taking a pregnancy test before I called the psych ward.

Ever since I told you guys about it on my Facebook page, there have been a few questions that have come up over and over, so here are the answers all in one place!

1) When are you due?
October 10th, 2013.
The other baby, the cookbook, is due out September 2014.

2) Are you having a boy or a girl?
I don’t know! Bren and I are trying to do things as close to the way God designed it as possible, so we are enjoying the 9-month long suspense. I mean, how often do you get to be surprised like that anymore? Plus, I love seeing people share their theories for why it’s a boy or a girl: carrying high or low, glowing or not glowing, cravings etc. It’s a hilarious sociological experiment!

3) Why are you calling your baby Crumpet?
We’ve taken to referring to the nugget as “Crumpet” and not necessarily for the reason you think. Upon watching the little one wriggle around in a serious ancy-pants fashion on the ultrasound, Bren said, “It’s like he/she is krumping in there!” And that’s where Crumpet came from. Although Bren maintains that he’s calling him/her Krumpit, not Crumpet. Snort.

4) Do you have names picked out?
We pretty much have a girl’s name sorted. But if it’s a boy, I have a feeling Crumps is going to go by, erm, Crumps for a little while. Which is fine by me. My baby sister, Crish, was nameless for a good long while after she was born. My parents patiently waited for the perfect name to come along. I suspect that it’s a Indian thing to do — wait until the baby arrives to name him/her.

5) How are you feeling?
Mostly, good! I have been really fortunate during my pregnancy to have little to no nausea during the first trimester (although some VERY strong feelings about what was appetizing and what wasn’t. For example, cheese on toast? Delicious. Kimchi? Disgusting). And I pretty much did all the recipe testing and writing during my second trimester so I was on my feet A LOT. Now that the manuscript has been turned in (hooray!), I think my body is pushing me to make up for all that time when rest wasn’t an option. Previously, I spurned naps. Now I nap like a champ! And while I’m so happy that all the extra weight has centered in my belly and ahem, my boobs, it has meant that my lower back is pretty danged sore. Small price to pay, I keep telling myself, for the PRIVILEGE of being pregnant.

6) Where are you giving birth?
At home! Yup, in keeping with the philosophy of answer #2, we’re planning on welcoming Crumps into the world in our living room. Med-free. But with a heavy dose of His presence hopefully! Pray for me!

I think that’s it for now. Have more questions? Ask them below!


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43 Responses to Where have you been?! and other FAQ

  1. Tracy

    We called our daughter “Nutmeg” and patiently waited those long 40 weeks to find out if nutmeg was a “she” or a “he.” It was a really good motivator to get her out!

  2. Ashley

    Congratulations! I was so excited to see a new blog post and what great news it is. You and your family will be in our prayers!

  3. Ambimom

    Mazel tov to you and your husband! What wonderful news. Best wishes for an easy, short delivery and a baby who sleeps through the night (you can hope, can’t you?)

  4. Joy

    Yay!!!! Homebirths rock!!!

  5. HRH

    Wait, wait! Didn’t God help us develop medical science that gave us pain relief, cures for diseases, and you know, X-rays and ultrasounds? And hasn’t humanity, as a whole, been better for it? Just wondering…

  6. Charity

    Congrats Aarti! I’m so happy for you and your husband! I wish you all the best!

  7. Meredith

    Oh yay! I hope you have a great home stretch. We did drug free, and man, those hormones are powerful little boogers. I loved it. Hope you do too.

  8. Riverfaerie

    Irfan Kal McQueria? :-)

  9. Lisa

    Oooooh if you can hold off until the 11th, Crumps will share a BD with my daughter! It’s a great and beautiful time of the year to have a baby! Congrats again you two, can’t wait for more updates!

  10. GuinR

    So glad for your blog update ~ Have a happy birth and lots of joy.

  11. Mariyum

    Congrats on your child & I hope you have a wonderful easy delivery.

  12. Julie

    Congratulations! I admire your patience and bravery for doing everything as naturally as possible. While it wasn’t for me (totally impatient chicken-butt!), I always think it’s a great option for those who choose it. I wish you nothing but love, luck and as quick and painless a labor as possible. I know your little Crumpet will be totally organic and sweet. ♥

  13. Cristina

    So happy for you. Wishing you a speedy delivery. Just letting you know that I have always been a fan, and you write your blogs so eloquently. If cooking ever takes a back seat. Literature may be your thing as well.

  14. Lisa D

    The question on my mind is: Will you cloth diaper?

    As a mom of 4 I am all for it! I Cloth diapered all my children as did many of my mommy friends.

  15. Mama Dap

    Aarti, I’m so thrilled you are opting for the amazing home birth experience. I was a home birth midwife for a number of years and had my own two at home, and wouldn’t trade those wonderful memories for the world. There is absolutely no experience on earth to compare! All my best to you and Bren and the little Krumper. Wish I lived closer . . . Charlee could share her Grama with him/her. :)

  16. Lisa S

    Congratulations, one for the cookbook and two for the impending birth of your first child. Noticed the date, I have two sons, three years apart, BOTH born on October 11th! Best of luck to you and Bren, there is nothing better than that moment that little one arrives, we were surprised both times!
    God Bless!

  17. Alice

    Congratulations! I’m super excited for your cookbook; are you going to do signed copies? I would love one :D But I’ll settle for non-signed as well, because I absolutely love your recipes and would like to have them on display in my home (and of course, read them myself).

    You’re so sweet for answering so many questions! I will pray for a safe and smooth rest of your journey, and good luck thinking of a (or another) name for Crumpet :)

  18. Melissa Valencia

    So very happy for you, Aarti, on both counts! I think you and your husband will make fabulous parents and Crumpet will be so lucky to Have you! May God bless you ALL–I’ll be praying for an easy delivery and much joy! Have missed your blog posts but totally understand!

  19. Kristen

    No questions just want to say Congratulations on the precious gift from God. You will be a great parent. you are one of our favorite chef’s on Food Network.. Love to here your accent and you are always smiling, laughing and having a great time and I am sure that will rub off on your baby. Good luck on your book I will be looking for it in the book store. My prayers are with you and your husband for a safe and healthy birth of Crumpet or is it Krumpet. LOL

  20. Kathryn M.

    So happy and excited for you both, congratulations!

  21. Jessica

    Congrats Aarti! I was so excited when I saw you were preggers. I was pregnant earlier this year (due early December) and had a miscarriage. I firmly believe it happened to me for a reason and have chose to see the positive in it. And now I’m pregnant again, due in March! Can’t wait to hear what you have. Hope you have a wonderful birth!

  22. Tameka Downing

    Congratulations on the Crumpet! Babies are truly a blessing and I’m sure you will be a wonderful Mom. Plus, Crumpet is due around my birthday and will be a great kid in general. Prayers for the natural home delivery.

  23. Stacey

    I will miss your sweet face at the Vineyard women’s retreat 10-10 to 10-13. I am excited for your impending arrivals. My Mom called me Punkin (purposely misspelled) for the longest. Please keep us all appraised of your (and Crumpet’s) health as you are able. God Bless you and yours!

  24. Lauren

    CONGRATULATIONS! So, so exciting :). I delivered my baby girl (8.5 months ago) med-free and would do it again in a heartbeat. Congrats again!

  25. Patty Knox

    Aarti, I’ve been thinking and praying about your upcoming cookbook. You have an intuitive knowledge of herbs and spices and flavor combinations that is rare. Some of us recipe-followers can follow a recipe without a problem, but we don’t know why something works, or how. Like Bobby Flay, I wonder how you can think to combine tomato & pomegranate — nobody else would — but it works! Brilliantly! What I feel would make your cookbook stand out is if you told us how to think about food so that we could make the leap to cooking without a recipe and not waste a bunch of food making an unpalatable food combination. On my budget, I can’t afford to experiment! Also, I don’t want to cook a disaster meal. So, how do you pair herbs to food, know which spices work with which meats and vegetables (or fruits), create a complementary sauce, decide whether to bake, pan-fry, boil, steam or grill something? If you can teach us how to think about food, we would have the courage to try SURE combinations that we know already work! So that even if we don’t get the final product quite right, we at least would know it would taste good. Please reply. Praying for your baby, Patty <3

  26. Rashmi

    First of all I’m a big fan! I was raised in Goa and am so very proud to see my peeps doing well. Miss America and Priyanka Chopra’s song being picked as the NFL’s theme this year are the recent Indian ” lovely” events! Soon you’re first book will make it on the list! Yey!
    And BABY!! wow. So happy for you. I find it awesome that you are waiting for your surprize. My little sister is due in December and shared a chinese gender calendar- it boasts of 90% accuracy so, I googled it.. I have found both my kids( boys) to be dead on..
    For giggles, perhaps you want to check it out too! Here’s the link

    Love your food girl! Goodluck!

  27. Vidhya

    Hi Aarti,

    Congrats to you and Bren!! Good luck with the delivery. Enjoy every second with the baby. Every moment is precious!!


  28. The Mistress of Spices

    Such lovely news! I’m due on October 12 myself :-) Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to seeing your cookbook!

  29. Kris

    Yeah! A new little life is always a blessing. I have followed you since food network star and love your food and blog. My favorite is Huggy Buggy Bread pudding. I can’t get enough. You introduced me to cardamom and it is my new favorite spice. I add it to just about everything. Congratulations and best of luck.

  30. Donna

    Congrats!!! I check your blog every so often and was pleasently surprise to see the news.

    Enjoy your baby, they grow way too fast.

  31. Donna

    Congrats!!! Enjoy your baby they grow way too fast.

  32. Becky

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are NOT finding out! It is a “lost art” today to wait and see what God gave you. There’s nothing like hearing the doctor/midwife say, “It’s a ……..!” God bless you as you become parents. May God capture their heart early and forever! Blessings!

  33. Angela

    Hi Aarti! I’ve been following your pregnancy through yout post. Is Crumps here yet? Best of blessings to you and family.


  34. Terri G

    I’ve just learned you are pregnant! WOW! Congratulations! SO excited for you and Bren! What a lovely child yours will be! My oldest cousin was “Radcliffe” before SHE was born, but became Cynthia soon after her arrival. LOL! Can’t wait to find out more about “Crumpet” once he/she arrives? Pics please???? Also a pic of you in your most matronly state – pregnant!

  35. Heidi

    Yeah Aarti!!! I’m so happy for you! I have 3 little ones & we didn’t find out the gender for #3 (until he was born, of course). I highly recommend that. I’ll be praying for you! (Maybe I should be writing in past tense?) xoxo

  36. Heather

    Praying for your delivery! It’s great you are doing it at home and med free. Blessings to you!!

  37. Nancy

    Hi Aarti,
    I loved your cooking show and your laugh! Well, That was a laugh! I hope you have a love-ly birth-ing-day. You were a breath of fresh air on the air. Congratulations. I’m gonna go look for your book on Amazon now…

  38. Mrs. Mobunny

    So happy for you!

  39. Robin in New Jersey

    Oh my, I haven’t been here in so long. The baby must be born by now and no update! Congrats!

  40. Eisley Jacobs

    Hey girl, hope you will update the world soon with your fabulous news! Praying for healthy mommy and baby!

  41. Desiree

    Congratulations to you and your husband!

  42. Patricia McIntyre

    I miss watching your show so I watch all the reruns! I had a grandson born on October 9th! Congratulations and best wishes.

  43. Tina

    I’m so happy to hear you’re working on a cookbook. I can’t wait until it comes out! Your recipes are the best!

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