Daily Sparkle

Growing up, I thought sparkling water or mineral water as we called it was g to the r to the o-s-s. It seemed a bit acrid to me. But Dad loved it; he’d pour some into his nightly whiskey and always go, “aaaaah!” upon the first sip.

I don’t know why but suddenly I love it. Can’t get enough of it. I suppose what really got it started was the pink grapefruit Perrier.

Oh joy — what a perfectly ladylike beverage. Sparkly, ever so slightly fruity, ever so slightly bitter (like any true lady!) and… calorie-free! I reach for some whenever I need a pick me up, and also whenever I’m hungry; the bubbles fill me up long enough to figure out whether I’m really hungry, or I’m bored/sad/angry/thirsty.

And if you’ve followed me on Facebook or Instagram then you know that this combo is always my snack of choice when I go on a road trip:

A little bit trailer park, a little bit Central Park.

And so imagine my joy when Bren brought home a box full o’ these:


Now I can have one everyday!

Plus, now that they come in a can, they come a little closer to the name my brother-in-law coined for them…

Day beers.


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7 thoughts on “Daily Sparkle

  1. Me too! hated it when I was young, can’t get enough, now.

    Although, I will admit that I DO mix my “evening” Perrier (the plain one) with chardonnay. Loves!

  2. Hi Aarti! I am currently plotting to make your pulled pork recipe. I was very inspired when I watched a video of you making it on the internet. I found frozen mango pulp at the supermarket, is that the same as mango puree?
    I am a proud sparkling water junkie. My boyfriend got me a sodastream (sparkling water maker) for Christmas last year. It’s the best thing ever to have sparkling water at hand whenever I crave it and a great money saver. But I do love me some perrier from time to time ;)


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  4. I too am addicted to the bubbly pink grapefruit Perrier! It is so refreshing. Otherwise I would snack all day. When they only have lemon or lime available in the grocery store it leaves me feeling a little flat.

  5. Love your blog and this post; day beers indeed! I grew up in an NYC where fizzy water, we called it seltzer, was delivered in glass bottles with faintly rusted siphons at the top. When I went to India, I drank loads of fresh lime soda and now that I’ve been back for a few years I’ve had to find the store with the cheapest limes and bought myself a seltzer maker– lovely!

  6. ummm i am addicted to Perrier and those amazing bubbles… for some reason it tastes so much better in the glass bottles especially the pamplemousse. Love your blogs… you are so cool. Congrats on your baby and book.

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