The Piano

Posted by Aarti on February 18th, 2013 . Filed under: Uncategorized .

The piano has been beckoning lately. In high school, it was as close to a bestie as an inanimate object could get. Since leaving Dubai, our friendship has gone stale, with small reconciliations here and there.

It’s hard to return to an instrument when your hands are so rusty; you know you were capable of so much better, but you have to start again. It’s an exercise in patience and humility.

And Lord knows I need as much exercise in those “muscles” as I can get.

With the sunshine streaming into the living room, I decided to pick an old favourite: Arabesque by Debussy. I’m so far from where I was, but I’m enjoying getting to know my old friend again… and touch a part of my heart that I haven’t touched in a long time either. How I’ve missed her!


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7 Responses to The Piano

  1. Mia

    Hi Aarti! My name is Mia and I’m 12 years old. I’m glad you still keep this blog.I was wondering if you you can keep on doing your “Aarti Paarti” show on youtube because, well, i’m twelve, so it’s hard for me to watch your cooking show on Food Network because of school and everthing lately. Anyway, I would LOVE to see your show back on youtube, and thanks for inspiring me to love food,life, and cooking!


    P.S I’ve already made your sweet cakes, lassi (all three of them!), fish tacos, white gazpacho, ect, ect, ect, ect! My family and I loved them all!!! :D

  2. Lyn F.

    Hi, Aarti. I’ve also had a love-hate relationship with my piano as well. I’ve since moved on to the pipe organ, but from time to time, I still revisit the piano. Have fun with the Debussy. I’ll keep plugging away at Ravel. :)

  3. Ellie Wong

    Hi Artie: I love reading your heartfelt relationship with your piano. I am an elementary music teacher in Los Angeles. Little Kids Rock has given me a grant for ten keyboards and 16 guitars and teacher instruction to teach my students. Music is always cut at budget time so this is truly a gift that will have long lasting effects in the lives of my underprivileged children. I love your honest feelings. It inspires me.

  4. Carol Suzuki

    Hi Aarti! Since you had the ability in the past, it is still there. And easier this time, once your own instrument becomes more fluid. Much harder to learn it originally than to have it come back, don’t you think? You’ll be there is no time at all. Your friend was just waiting around patiently in the wings, happy for your new relationships, but still waiting for your return. Reunited and it feels so good…. :D

  5. elsen joseph

    we have the same passion Aarti, i love to cook and play the piano.
    unfortunately my hands are getting wrinkled from too much exposure to heat when cooking -something that is not good for a pianist..:(

    could you post some videos of you playing the piano? i’d love to see youplay it :)

  6. Junie

    How lovely that you play the piano! I can certainly sympathize with the challenges of going back to the piano sporadically over the years. I recently picked up a book called, “Playing the Piano for Pleasure.” (Highly recommend!) In it is a foreword by Michael Kimmelman who gave some words that have helped me with my frustration at not playing as well as I used to and the book gave me some ideas of how I can get back at it. Part of the foreword that inspired was this section, “It is obviously simpler to download the twenty-four Chopin Preludes than it is to learn to play even the easiest of them. But as anyone who actually has made the effort to play the piano knows, it is infinitely more satisfying and moving to make the music yourself, even if you can’t play very well. It’s the difference between watching a romantic movie and being in love. Love is not just professionals, after all. And what makes love so heartbreaking and beautiful is that we are not perfect, that it is ultimately beyond our control and that we must struggle for joy and wrestle with our shortcomings.”
    Cheers, Junie

  7. Anne

    Aarti, my mom died last year and as we closed the house we each kept a piano. I asked for the old one in the basement, scratched but with the best key action. I love a piano again! So, good for you too, to have a piano again!
    I’ve followed you since FNS, I’m for you all the way. When you moved to Mondays I was sad to lose you, but during Furlough I’ve made Mondays my day off and I can watch again. Where are you today? Hopefully just on break and not gone for good. I LOVE WATCHING because you treat us all as friends, you chat like we are part of your book club or church family or a close neighbor. You have warmth and humor and humility and great ideas!
    I think FN should make Fri/Sat nights a theme night, and air chefs with warmth, a warm ‘GIRLS NIGHT IN,’ and put only you on all night, or put you on as the leader and add others also with warmth … and give up that 12 straight hours of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Triple-D is a boring place-holder for the network every night – like a recording on a phone when no one is home.
    (I’m an educated science person with two masters, working on an army post.) I get home from a hard work-week on Fri nights and want to: 1) curl up in a ball and watch FN all evening until I feel human again, or 2) turn on all 7 TVs to FN while I clean the entire house for the week, BUT ALL THAT IS ON IS THAT AWFUL Triple-D for 12 hours each Fri/Sat evening, SO I DON’T WATCH. Fri is an awful night for TV with all-night Hoarding or Roseanne or Frasier or Storage Wars or Triple-D. FN needs to re-vamp and make Fri/Sat nights ‘Girls Night In’ and give us WARM FRIENDLY CHEFS. They don’t realize how great you are, and they don’t realize WHO is ACTUALLY warm and friendly. You need to be our leader of warmth and caring for Fri/Sat evenings.
    Who can I write to suggest warm Fri/Sat evenings? I Rx a night of all you, or you and Sonny Anderson and Trisha Yearwood and Brian Boitano and Sandra Lee and maybe Anne Burrell (and some others who have warmth and teach AND make watchers feel good). They’ve not only passed up you for weekends, but also passed up other warm interesting people like FNS’s warm Lovely Jackson and sparkly Martita Jara and smiley Ippy Aiona and “I took the leap’ Whitney Chen and happy Susie Jimenez and peaceful interesting Jeffrey Saad and that Lisa Garza who sporadically belted out songs, what fun it would be to have warm chefs!
    They feature guys who makes sandwiches (who of us purposefully eats bread as at-home meals?) and Adam Gergler who acts/sings but doesn’t cook, and that self-centered un-cool pie-guy who cooks nothing else and slurs words. And they feature endless hours of Triple-D, it’s like watching a travelogue channel. They’ve aired you too-early on Saturdays and then during church on Sundays. Then moved you to Mondays when we are all at work. THEY NEED TO FEATURE YOU ON WEEKENDS and at night, as the leader of warmth and heart. They’ve under-utilized you and other warm people. Don’t they realize we want warm friendly inclusive? Not just comfort food but comfort people. PLEASE TELL THEM I SAID SO. And God bless you.

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