Cooking Soundtrack, Part 2

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Sometimes I need to listen to music when I cook. Sometimes I need to hear people talking, thinking, telling stories. When I’m in the mood for that kind of thing, here’s what I hunt down online:

This American Life
I interned at WBEZ, home of This American Life, when I was in uni. It was my first internship in fact, and I kept hoping that I’d get to meet Ira Glass because I. Love. Him. These stories are equal parts thoughtful, goofy, funny… it’s the kind of show that gets the rusty cogs in my mind going again. It’s like WD40 for the mind.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Yet another NPR show, with that same combination of wit and cutting social commentary. When I worked in a newsroom, I knew the answers to every question. These days, I listen to this show to catch up on the news more than any other news source! Shameful. But honest. It’s one of Bren’s life goals to be a panelist on this show, and I’m confident that when that happens, he will KILL it!

Beth Moore sermons

When I listen to Beth, I feel like I’m sitting on her porch, sipping on a sweet tea with my Bible fluttering on my lap, and her dogs at my feet. I love that she is as serious about her hair as she is about Jesus.

Food is the New Rock
I love how there is very little of that pretension here that comes with a lot of food shows. Just a couple of guys who are music geeks, geeking about food with other fellow (famous) music geeks. One day I will be on this show!!

Music-wise, it’s always changing. At the moment, I’m back to my ol’ faithful, Iron & Wine… but I’ve been clicking on Great Lake Swimmers, Alt-J, Old Crow Medicine Show, Last Bison and whatever Bren tells me to listen to.


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1 Response to Cooking Soundtrack, Part 2

  1. jamie

    Can I add one to your list to check out? The ones you list are favorites of mine so I suspect you’ll find “On Being” from APM also amazing. (It used to be “Speaking of Faith” but I suspect that was too narrow and became a bit to polarizing, so they changed it.)

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