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One of the most interesting questions anyone asked me was what I listened to while I cook. These days, with hours and hours clocked in the kitchen, and Bren out of town, I crave music to make me feel like I’m not alone.

It’s funny; while I recognise that God has gifted me in the kitchen, it was always music that I thought was my real natural talent.

We couldn’t afford a piano, but my parents got us an electric keyboard and I played for hours on that thing, without being able to read a stitch of music. I’d listen to a song and figure it out by ear. When my mum said that she was getting me a piano teacher, I was dismayed.

“Why do I need one of those?” I said (more than likely accompanied with a stomping of my foot). I think she may have tried to explain it to me, but ended with something akin to a “because I said so” when it became apparent that reason was not going to work.

And I remember her saying this: “One day, you’ll thank me.”

And oh how thankful I am… while I never climbed to concert pianist levels, the piano became my best friend when I had none, a place to express the numerous emotions that course through your veins when you’re a teenager… and in a school dominated by athletic ability (something I thoroughly lacked) it gave me something else to do, to excel at.

There were only four of us who studied music for our ‘A’ Levels, and we were such a crew. We understood each other, understood that need to play, to hear music wherever we went, to analyze how in the world Beethoven wrote an entire SYMPHONY off just one simple motif (you know the one), to practice trilling with our third and fourth fingers, that laughed at one of our friends trying to make the piano play vibrato by shaking on the keys (I’m looking at your D!). We were so tight. It was awesome.

I still remember us performing “The Teddybears’ Picnic” in four-part harmony… on the kazoo. Just the memory makes me laugh!

While I don’t play as much as I used to, music still soothes this soul of mine. Spiritually, sometimes a song will minister to my heart sooner than the written word will.

So, I’m creating a little playlist on Spotify called “The Creator” where I’m depositing all the songs that are rocking my spiritual boat. I have a hard time with most of the “Christian” music out there because it tends to sound the same. But I’ve found a few gems that buoy my soul when the darkness threatens. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it too. If you use Spotify, just type in “The Creator” and it should come under playlists. At least I think so.

Here’s a little taste, the first song on the playlist. I wake up singing this song in my heart. I pray that it blesses you as much as it blesses me!

Oh and… thanks Mum. You were right.


p.s. List of other music I listen to coming tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Cooking Soundtrack

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  2. Sean

    If you’re looking for some other great Christian songs, check out these:

    Danielle Bollinger – When The Brokenhearted Love Again spotify:album:1cjdFeQmm56pDDaCda1URD

    Room For Two – Roots Before Branches (their whole album is great)

  3. patty knox

    “My Jesus, I Love Thee” is a big favorite of mineā€”all four verses! <3

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  5. diana

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