Look at that mug!

Posted by Aarti on February 1st, 2013 . Filed under: Uncategorized .

I wrote earlier this week about my peculiar coffee-brewing process every morning.

And I hinted that I might have an opinion or two about mugs.

Why yes, since you asked, I DO have an opinion about mugs!

These are the ones most heavily in rotation at the moment. From left to right, the mug we got from attending LA Weekly‘s Pancake Breakfast food festival a year or so ago designed by one of my fav artists Deth P. Sun; a random mug I got at some housewares shop; a mug given to me in December by the kind folks at Mama’s Boy in Athens, GA (where Bren got his tattoo from the inestimable David Hale).

See something in common? All the mugs, to one degree or another, have a narrow mouth and a wide bum (resisting… the… urge… to… make… a joke… about my own… rear… end…).

That way, the hot drink stays hotter longer. Why oh why do people serve hot drinks in those huge French-bowl style cups with the extra wide mouths? Or in mugs that a wittled bottom and a wide mouth? Unless you’re a fan of lukewarm or tepid coffee (there goes my lunch), I just can’t imagine why.

So there you go. My incredibly opinionated post about coffee mugs. What’s your favourite kind of mug?


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4 Responses to Look at that mug!

  1. Louise Sheridan

    Hi Aarti,

    If you knew how we sip our coffee here on the Emerald Isle you really would loose your lunch! As a tea drinking nation we actually prefer instant coffee. Of course this is a cultural skeleton in the Irish closet so no other Paddies will admit to this.

    On another topic, I am wondering why you haven’t written a cookbook or released a DVD of your (totally brill!!) show? Perhaps you have and I don’t know about it?


    Weesie (R.E and English teacher)

  2. Thyra

    Hi Aarti! I saw your spread in People magazine yesterday & I’m surprised that moustache mugs didn’t make the cut in your post ;)

    I’m very particular about my mugs, too! My current favorite is the monogrammed mug from Anthropologie! So beautiful :)

  3. Robin F.

    My favorite mug is narrow on top and full bottomed. I got it at The Loopy Ewe, an online yarn shop. I even have a lid for it to keep my tea even hotter longer. The lid is from another teacup I have.

  4. cindy

    Aarti dear, we love watching your show and with D’Arabian; but please stop the old, tired “WHAT WHAT” comment you seem to be using constantly anymore! It is very annoying and you do not seem at all like a rapper!!!

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