It’s the little things…

Posted by Aarti on January 25th, 2012 . Filed under: Uncategorized .

Sometimes, all it takes is the smallest luxury to turn your day around, doesn’t it?


  • Freshly-washed sheets on my bed (which also means a freshly-made bed, aahhhhh)
  • A new conditioner.  My hair smells totally different so I feel like a new person.
  • A toasty towel when I’m done showering (helps to have the dryer right next to the bathroom so I toss my towel and robe in the dryer right as I jump in the shower; then Bren, bless’m, grabs it for me as soon as hears me turn off the tap.)
  • A toasty blanket!  Same concept; I throw it in the dryer for a few minutes right before I settle down to watch a movie.
  • My mascara of the moment (Maybelline the Colossal); it smells like roses.
  • Fresh flowers in a pitcher on the dining table.  My favourite at the moment? The inexpensive marigolds sold at the neighbourhood florist.  There’s something humble but absolutely ravishing about them.

What are some of the little things that turn your frown upside down?




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17 Responses to It’s the little things…

  1. Denise

    The first sip of a freshly brewed cup of tea. Foot rubs. My favorite chair.

  2. KC

    Essential oil of peppermint in my tea :)

  3. Leah

    Your list reminds me of The Book of Awesome (which seems ‘right up your alley’!!) Enjoy!

  4. Teri

    Rose Turkish Delight, cheeky birds at the feeder, thoughts of my baby niece and nephew and little tiny kittens.

  5. Kel

    If you like warmth, then you need to try a heated mattress pad! The new versions (available at Target or Sams) heat safely with electricity. I turn it on a few minutes before I go to bed. And then jump into a warm bed and turn it off! So worth it!!!

  6. Denise Hunt

    My garage. It’s so nice to pull under shelter when it’s pouring rain and not have to worry about holding an umbrella while unloading the car!

  7. Riverfaerie

    Choice, religious freedom, fair-trade organic coffee,(shout out to HIgher Grounds Trading COmpany f Traverse City, Michigan!) warm socks, really well written and well thought out portrayals of women who deserve to be examples for others, NPR, LGBTQ rights, accurate portrayals of real women’s bodies, feeling as though my voice is heard and respected.

  8. The Sandwich Life

    for my husband it’s a new record (vinyl) in the mail…for me it’s snow falling….

  9. Elizabeth

    Brown paper packages tied up in string! Or at least their modern equivalent
    And hiding under a down comforter on a cold day- makes it really difficult to get out of bed sometimes :)

  10. Kristina

    A steaming double espresso waiting when I get out of the shower at 5 AM. He makes me feel spoiled.

  11. Carol Suzuki

    Curling up with a book, afghan and a cup of chai; the intoxicating aroma when entering Penzey’s Spice; vanilla candles, peonies, blown glass vases, windchimes; walking in brisk autumn air while tree gazing; pretty soaps; real letters from friends, dogs (especially Labrador Retrievers.)

  12. JennyHaller

    When my daughter’s hand rests on mine during our nightly reading routine.

  13. Marilyn

    How fun to read yours and all the comments! I’m pick just one of mine – laying my head down on the pillow at the end of the day.

  14. Rajni

    Curling up on my bed and watching your show Aarti Parti.Seriously!

  15. Melissa

    A hot shower! Our water heater died last Saturday morning and didn’t get replaced until Monday after I’d left for school (I’m a teacher.) After three mornings of heating water on the stove for a shallow bath, the hot shower on Tuesday morning was heavenly! (BTW, Aarti, I LOVED this post!)

  16. Dulany Lingo

    At the moment… a deep breath of air into my lungs and down to my belly. Getting over pneumonia sucks.
    Can’t wait for your next round starts !!!!! :=)

  17. nelli

    haha! the towel in the dryer made me laugh. i do that for my boys sometimes. they love it!

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