All food is Indian food

If you’ve blessed me by coming to any of my cooking demos recently, then you may have heard me talking about how Indians, or at least the Indians in my family, often think that all good things, all civilized things, all things worth lauding… originated in India!

Whether it’s the decimal point, the number zero, traditional medicine (ayurveda), the cotton gin, lining your eyes with kohl, how Sanskrit or Tamil (depending which end of the subcontinent you’re from) is one of the oldest languages in the world… we have a lot of pride in our long, LONG history!

It reminds me a little of the father character in My Big Fat Greek Wedding… while he thought everything goes back to the Greek, for my family, everything goes back to India.

Hence the hilarity of this video that my mum sent me yesterday… and the ball-sy claim that “all food is Indian food!”.



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8 thoughts on “All food is Indian food

  1. Although I’m not indian but I also believe that everything good come from india
    I’m from Kuwait you might know where that is hehehe .. Many words , recipes , goods, teachers , doctors ..etc came from there

    By the way I LOVE LOVE your show .. Our food network showed maybe 4 or 5 episode only .. Can’t wait to see the rest

    Thanks a lot for everything :)

  2. Fun video! And good point, Stuart Reb — it reminds me with the recent anniversary of Columbus Day, let’s recall the reason he was even in those rickety boats in the first place when he stumbled across the Americas: He was looking for a quicker way to get to INDIA for the food and spices!!!! ;^)

    Love you and your show, Aarti!

  3. What fun! Like an Indian version of a Saturday Night Live skit! Wonder what “she” would do with Irish corned beef & cabbage? (Yeah, I know, it’s more American than Irish! But what would March 17th be without it?)

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