Aarti Paarti Ep. 33: "Huggy Buggy" Bread Pudding

Can we take a second and recognise the significance of the number 33? Not only is it a handsome lookin’ number, it’s also the age at which Jesus was crucified. And by no coincidence, it’s the coming of age for a hobbit, in Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Jesus performed 33 recorded miracles.

It’s also the numerical equivalent of AMEN (1+13+5+14=33).

Larry Bird’s number is 33. Speaking of which, GO CELTICS!

Hmmm, apparently, it was also Kobe’s jersey number in highschool. Oh dear.

Anyway, you get it right? It’s a pretty auspicious number. So here’s my humble offering to the number 33.

In this episode, I show you how to make my version of bread pudding, using coconut milk, fresh ginger, dried figs, cashews, and… a little whiskey. Put it all together, and it’s a recipe for bringing a smile to your face when grey clouds threaten your horizon. Because, my loves, this is all temporary. Even our darkest days are just temporary… you can’t have a valley without a mountain top. Look up dear hearts. God is on the move!

In a goofy way, the song Karen and I sing in this episode reflects that attitude. Instead of cursing up a storm when you feel like you’re doubled under with anger or sadness, maybe this little ditty will help you straighten your shoulders a touch. If not, then email me and I’ll pray for you. How ’bout that?!

Check it out!



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48 thoughts on “Aarti Paarti Ep. 33: "Huggy Buggy" Bread Pudding

  1. Bread pudding looks yummy, “what the buck” is groovy but unfortunately waste of good whisky!!

  2. You are so right Aarti. We never go through life alone. According to His promise, Jesus-Emmanuel, is always with us in good times and bad times. He is truly Emmanuel!! That thought is such a consolation and source of all our strength. /

    I love bread pudding, I have never tried it with figs or whiskey:)

    I hope you guys will be composing more songs, listening to “What the buck” brought back fond memories of our visit to LA.

  3. Hee. I’m 33. So even more awesome magic! Love the song! And it just looks sooo good!

  4. Awesome song! You had me smiling the entire time. :D

    I will be cheering you on on Sunday! :)

  5. Cuuute song! Love the message. :-)

    Glad you’re posting again, thought you disappeared! And you’re going to be on the next Food Network Star show?! How cool is that — congrats! Will be rootin’ for you!

  6. Aarti,

    Saw you on Food Network. Wow! Looks like so much fun! Lucky girl!

    Like your videos on your blog. You’ve got an ease about you in front of the camera! It’s great!

    Like your bread pudding video…

    Good luck on The Next Food Network Star! :)


  7. Aarti!

    Just want to drop a line to you to tell you that when I saw you on TV last night in the opening credits for The Next Food Network Star, I jumped out of my chair, pointed at the TV and said “I KNOW HER!” Then I rewound, watched it again to see if it was really you, and then did a little happy dance that you are on the show! I’m so pumped for you! GOOD FOR YOU that you snagged a spot on the show. I don’t doubt for a minute that your Medill training, WNUR spirit, and personality are going to shoot you to the top. We’re rooting for you, Aarti! Good luck!

    All the best,
    Kristy Buchthal

    p.s. sorry for the random placement of this, but i didn’t know how else to send you a message.

  8. Hi Aarti, I found you via the Food Network site and I have to say you are one of my favorites! I’ve always wanted to experiment with Indian flavors but being raised on Southern Food (yes, I’m from Georgia and even met Paula Deen once) I’m a little intimidated by all the unique spices. Can’t wait to read more of your recipes.

    Wishing you all the best with the Food Star competition!

  9. Hi there!!!
    Like the others, I found you online after watching you last night on TNFNS!!! I was going to email you personally, but couldn’t find an email address on here.

    Anyway, I was wondering where I can find your Dal recipe you made? Looks DELICIOUS!!

    Also, I am a Christian, too!

    Mrs. U

  10. Aarti,

    It seems to be a re-occurring theme that those engaged by your performances on TNFNS can’t help but read up more about you on your blog! Your culinary take intrigues me and I’m thankful for the opportunity you have on the show so that I can learn from you!

    I’ll continue to follow your food lessons on your blog. Meanwhile, I feel compelled to build you up in faith after learning you are Christian too! I really would like to see Christ shine through your performances in the next weeks to come. While we may have moments where we don’t have faith in ourselves, perhaps the best attitude to have is to draw strength/confidence from the one True God who deserves that glory and yet wishes you to do well! He’s given you amazing talent and knowledge. I’m excited as to how much more gifts He’s going to give you from here on!

    Cheering you on,
    – L

  11. Aarti,

    I just want to say that TNFNS should stop wasting time and money and just give you your show NOW!! My husband and I can’t wait to watch it!! We’re rooting for you all the way!


  12. OMG.. like OMG…you’re such a storm!! I totally love your show and you’re absolutely fabulous on TNFNS … my vote is for you and i wish you all the success and truly truly truly hope and pray that you will be the next food network star… can’t wait to see more of you in the coming weeks..o n btw, funny song! !hahaha :)

  13. Hi Aarti,
    I just wanted to let you know in case you haven’t been on the food network site in a little while, that your in 1st place on the voting chart! I really, really hope you when this! Keep riding that confidence wave!

  14. Aarti,
    Loved all the you tube videos. You are really fun to watch. I wish you’d relax and be like you are at home on the food network star show. Just imagine it’s “husby” behind the camera and you’ll win!

  15. Hoping you win TNFNS! You have the personality and the talent; just let it shine through! Good Luck!

  16. Hey Aarti!
    I;m new to your site and just watched “What the Buck”, it was a riot.!!. You really deserve to win TNFNS, you’re obviously a great cook and alot of fun to watch. You have my vote, God’s going to bless you girl, keep up the good work! Good Luck!!!

  17. After hearing them say you were a food blogger a thousand times on TNFNS I finally walked to the computer to find you blog. I was excited to find it and even more excited to find out that you are a Christian.

    I made the Huggy Buggy bread pudding for a potluck at our church tonight. It went over great.

    Best of luck on the show. I’m hoping that you win so I can get a regular dose of good Indian recipes!

  18. Hi Aarti! This recipe is amazing! I made it tonight for my family and they loved it! I am so excited to make more wonderful Indian dishes from your wonderful recipes! Thank you so much for inspiring me to cook more for my family.

  19. Aarti, this bread pudding is amazing!!! unbelievable :) i tried this yesterday, and my boyfriend finished the whole pan! Instead of figs, I tried dired banana slices. Bananas work pretty well too. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Wow, I loved the episode and I will definitely try this bread pudding recipe. Looks so good. Congrats on winning Food Network Star, I’ll be watching your show! :))

  21. CONGRATULATIONS on winning TNFNS Show! You are absolutely the best. I love your style. I like the way you explain things. You are unpretentious and FUN! I love watching you on the tube! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! Saw your debut FN Show today – amazing! Congrats again.
    /; -)

  22. Hi Aarti,

    My name is Meera . I am 12 years old and I love your recipes. So far I have made the Pistachio Pops, the Bombay Sloppy Joes, the Massaged Kale Salad, and the award winning Pizza. My family loves it. This weekend I am going to try the Huggy Buggy Bread ( my family calls me Huggy). I was hoping that you could join me in my quest to raise money to help educate children in India and rid the country of illiteracy. I believe that if tribal children can get an education then they have a better chance of succes and being self-sufficient. I am supporting a program through Ekal Vidyalaya where if you can raise $365.00 you can build one school in one village with one teacher. My younger brother and I have already raised enough for one school over the summer. Ekal’s goal is to build 100,000 schools by 2012. I thought if you could come to my home town in Ohio and cook, we could have a fundraiser to raise money to build many more schools. If you could please do the cooking, than I could supply the food and the place, and invite people from the community to donate. I hope you can help in this really good cause….and we can taste your really good food.

    – Meera :)

  23. In your show, you did not use a bain marie, we tried it with this recipe, cooked for over an hour (in a bain marie), turned up the heat to 425 degrees, still came out under-cooked in the middle. I recorded the show – guess what NO mention of a bain marie!

    PLEASE try some consistency!!! Otherwise, your credibility will be shot down!

    Last week, we tried your fish tacos using Basa, it was ABFAB!

  24. Is David referring to the Huggy Buggy? I just cooked it tonight, and it was perfect. The demo on your site shows cooking in a water bath, but the Food Network obviously saw some changes that would make it user friendly. I love the changes! Also used the vanilla ice cream instead of the whipped cream topping.

    Also did your red new potatoes at 425 on parchment, lots of olive oil, fresh thyme and s&p. Yummy!

    David, save the water bath for your creme brulee where you may really need it.

    Aarti, keep it coming! Great to bring out new recipes and surprise everyone! Thanks!

  25. Interesting note. As I compare the 2 recipes for Huggy Buggy, I can see that I used the one from the blog and yet cooked it per the TV version. The blog recipe calls for 2 1/2 c. whole milk while the TV calls for 3 cups. Also, the coconut milk I found was 13 oz. not the 14 called for. The blog recipe had me use grated fresh ginger while I see the TV one calls for regular ground ginger. I suspect the differences in liquid may account for my pudding coming out perfect in 35 min. while David had problems. I didn’t use the bath. This is not a recipe to be discarded, just get it settled. It’s too good not to be a regular treat for everyone! I suspect the less liquid ingred. made the difference.

  26. Yay! You are the one I rooted and tooted to win and look at you now!
    So happy for you and your honey. He’s gonna be a Big Star too.
    Don’t change from the sweet, wonderful and warm person that made
    us love you. I cannot wait to make your Huggy Buggy Puddin,
    and I loved the song. Will you be able to continue your blogging now
    that you have a more hectic schedule with F. Network?

  27. Hi Aarti! First off, Congratulations!! My daughter Asia (8) and I were rooting for you the whole season!! My family is very excited by your Indian style recipes and we tried 2 last night! My husband Matt made the I ain’t no chicken chicken and Asia and I made the Huggy Buggy puddin. Both were AMAZING! And when I say AMAZING I truly mean it. We are serious food lovers and when we don’t like something we DON’T like it and will never try it again. The chicken was moist, flavorful and DELICIOUS! As well as the Huggy Buggy Puddin. I’m even eating my 2nd helping this morning for breakfast because the whole dinner was so good we ate it all up! Needless to say, we were stuffed last night!
    Thank you thank you!!
    With love,

  28. This recipe turned out delish! My husband and 2 boys, 24 & 16 look forward to our own Aarti Party each week as we dine in-dian! Our kitchen has never smelled better since inviting Aarti into our home. Looking forward to Indian Summer all Winter. Keep up the great job!

  29. Hi Aarti, just made the bread and butter pudding and it was so yum, real comfort food :). I used dates instead of figs and left the alcohol out. I went to buy cardamon powder but found that its so expensive so I bought whole pods and I crushed them myself. Overall a lovely dish, thanks x

  30. Make this regularly at home. Yum. Made it dairy-free for a guest using almond milk instead of whole milk. Yum again.

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